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Can 360 video tour save your real estate brand?

Learn what it takes to produce a 360 video tour for your real estate listing.

Part One: Technology

The world of 360 degree photography isn’t new. Since the invention of digital camera - there have been many ways to stitch together a dozen photos to create a beautiful panorama. As camera lenses got smaller and well-made glass cheaper - wide angle lenses became sharper. An all-in-one 360 camera became possible. One camera with two 180 degree lenses on each side to give it 360 degrees of visibility. Each lens is actually a little more than 180 to give the stitching software editing wiggle room when stitching both photos from two lenses. This is a good starting point to introduce you to 360 video because you need to grasp how the camera sees and captures all around its lens’s center.

Technology and Tips

Why choose Insta360 One X.

The camera company has a sophisticated stabilization engine that will blow your mind. The camera can be thrown from person to person without a flinch in the footage. This is very advantageous for realtors who won’t need to worry about having steady hands as they walk around the house. Other cameras are more likely to have a distorted horizon in the final footage for example. May lack stabilization resulting in bumpy footage, or worse make the 360 video nauseating to watch.

How to upload 360 video to Facebook

Slow adaptation of 360 video delivery has made this format ambiguous, unpredictable, buggy, and unreliable. For example as Google competitor - Facebook wont serve 360 video from YouTube in the right format on your timeline. Watch this video to learn how to upload 360 video to Facebook to maximize viewer's actions.


Insta360 One X - Amazon

Instamic - Amazon


PART TWO: I got 360 camera - now what?!

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