How Real Estate Agents Can Use 360 Images on Facebook.

Ultimate guide to successfully use Facebook most engaging post type - a 360 image.

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When we scroll down our Facebook timeline, we're essentially looking for entertainment. This is why Red Bull is so successful, often they actually put on entertainment themselves. Think of their famous space jump they made happen - people stopped and watched it, they were entertained. Because 360 images on Facebook responds to the movement of the phone, the 360 post is the only content on social media to make people get up from their chair and move their bodies and phones around. It's epic.

You see, awareness is the ultimate goal of any social media activity. Let me quickly summarize the holy grail equation of marketing - the AIDA sales model. We will follow this model to drive create a Facebook 360 post that drives traffic to a real estate listing using a panorama image that your photographer has delivered to you if with your order.

Facebook has made it hard for a real estate agent to target specific demographics. In order to run ads you now have to agree to their Special Audience policy. This for example denies you access to such things as gender, age, race, and even income.

The game has turned all about engagements. The social proof will lead sellers believe in your competence online. I will show you how to turn an already one off the most engaging posts Facebook has to offer, and turn up the heat. Get ready to drive traffic to your listing, track traffic, and grow your page likes while you're at it. Leave us your email and you'll be the first one to get the course as soon as it is completed.





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