Walkthrough Video Editing

For a smaller houses under 3000 sqft

This style brings the viewer the feel of walking around the house from room to room. with this style it is important to preserve each clip in its entierty, as they were shot.

Each clip should start and end when the camera isn't moving - alowing for a smooth, motionless transition from clip to clip.

The transition between clips should happen when the both cliips are not moving, meaning the end of first clip and the begining of the second clips are motionless during the transition.

Speedramps alow to move from room to room fast, but sometimes the videographer will slow down in the middle of the clip to highlight an area of interest. This indicates that speedramping in these parts needs to slowdown to less than normal speed to highlight the area of interrest, and speed back up as the clip continues to its end. Please cut only in the end when the clip is motionless. So in the example video below - a speedramp should be slowed down where the camera enteres the last room. In the original video, the edior cut this part out - the opposite of what we are looking for. Slowing down means a clue or a hint that the speedramp should ALSO slow down in this part of the clip.



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